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Secure Access from PC to PCInterAct Remote allows you to share your PC with others securely at the touch of a button. Or to view or remote control another computer from your desk. With no need to adjust firewalls and in perfect safety. This is a tremendously powerful feature and we have listed just a few useful scenarios below. But the best thing about it is the ease of use and the rights management.Give a presentation or demo some software from your PC. To someone 2.000 miles away. Or even a group of people. No need to board a plane and no hassle with their beamer. Fix someone's PC - this is a godsend for anyone whose IT support is not in the next room down the corridor. And for all of us who are trying to teach our parents PC basics. Access your work PC from the road when you have forgotten to bring that essential presentation to a meeting or forgot the directions in your Mailbox.Remote control your server and no longer worry about leaving the office, while critical systems depend on you.InterAct Remote works in two configurations:You can invite someone else or a conference of users to view your screen by clicking on "Show Screen" at any time in a conversation. As simple as that. When you have finished presenting, just click "Hide Screen". You can grant another user permanent access. This is only recommended for remote control scenarios.Of course, you can always see whether anyone has remote access to your machine or not. And access is protected by industrial-strenght 128-bit encryption.Unlike other remote control solutions, InterAct will coexist happily with your firewall. There is no need to grant outside acess to your machine. The only requirement is that both computers are logged into InterAct.PLEASE REGISTER AT HTTP://WWW.WEBTOGOEUROPE.COM AFTER DOWNLOAD. USE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS AT WEBTOGO AND SHAREWARERIVER TO KEEP THE PROCESS TROUBLE-FREE.. WebToGo - Internet Verbindungssoftware und Connectivity L?sungen.

  • License: Shareware
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