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Anti spam software that blocks spam email and works as a junk spam email blocker. Unique Ground Breaking Anti Spam Technology Eliminates Junk Email Forever. Use your same Email Program. Elminates all automatic spamming systems. Ground-breaking Permission Based Technology: AllSpamGone is an anti-spam system that doesn't rely on filters, or message rules which delete messages you wanted to see. Instead, if an email arrives from an unknown sender, AllSpamGone thinks it might be spam so it sends out a permission email back to the sender. If that user is a real person (and not some spam program) they simply reply to this registration step, at which point you can choose to accept their first, and subsequent email messages. The Registration Step: Unapproved senders are automatically given the opportunity to register (permission to send you email). If they register, you are notified and can accept their email. They only need to register once! You can also easily preapprove your existing contacts (we have a simple address book import wizard). Eliminates all automatic spammers: The AllSpamGone registration process requires intervention by a real person. Most spammers don't even have valid reply addresses so they never even get the registration request. This has the effect of eliminating all automatic spamming systems (which is 99% of all SPAM)! There are many traditional approaches to avoiding spam. The most common approach is to block known sender addresses. This works partially, since many spammers send emails from well known webmail providers, like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. Another approach relies on filtering by some special characteristics normally found on Spam mail (lack of From: line, some common subjects, etc). Again, this one fails because many Spam mails contain no detectable elements. AllSpamGone takes an Active approach in solving the problem. It's all you'll ever need!

  • Platforms:
    Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, WinNT 4.x

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $19.95 USD
  • Size: 3.8 MB
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