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SWF Protector is the software that is aimed to help Flash developers protect the unique ActionScript code of their SWF files and their intellectual property accordingly. It is known that using one of SWF Decompilers widely spread over the Internet, people who actually didn’t create the file, can reverse engineer SWF and steal the large part of work, i.e. ActionScript code. SWF Protector will help you secure your AS code from Flash Decompilers. New version of SWF Protector is a great combination of ActionScript protection methods. You get 4 reliable algorithms: “Mask script” and “Mix script” for AS 2.0, and “SWF Protect” and “AS Obfuscate” for AS 3.0.SWF Protector proved to be the reliable SWF security software and is a market leader among Flash obfuscators.The key features that make this software most efficient and reliable are:- Full support of AS 2.0 and AS 3.0;- Support of Flash versions including version 10 and Flex including version 3;- Easy to use and user-friendly;- Fast performance;- Two efficient protection modes;- Possibility to adjust and combine the SWF protection methods;- Detailed information about SWF file (size, AS and SWF versions, compression and more);- Possibility to protect many SWF files simultaneously, no matter what version of AS they use;- SWF files playback.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $39.95 USD
  • Size: 3.5 MB
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