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Do you like playing Dominoes? Then try playing the classic game LSL Dominoes from Lakshmi Solutions LLC.Now, you can play a simple version of this classic game in your PDA by yourself or with 3 more players. LSL Dominoes will allow up to 4 players per game, either real human players or computer-simulated players (John, Dave, Tony and/or Jean). Configure the game according to your preferences by selecting the players of each game, enabling players commentaries, selecting the set of dominoes to use (black or white), the board or screen size (Normal, Normal with Text, or Large size), the colors of the game board and background.Analyze the game and your opponents by getting statistics at each play of the game (dominoes at the graveyard, dominoes left per player and number of points), and by using the game log. Play multiple games and keep track of the score by looking at the number of wins per player, and by looking at points based on a greater number or lower number counts. Note: In this version, points are scored only at the end of each hand. This version of the game does not support all styles of play (i.e. Cuban, American, or other several world variations). To guide the user, the Game contains Help features instructing the novice player on the Basic Rules of the Game, how to configure players, the game, and how to understand the statistics.Do not waste more time and start playing LSL Dominoes . Also look for LSL Game Pack by Lakshmi Solutions LLC including LSL Blackjack, LSL Cubilete and LSL Poker.. Lakshmi Solutions Mobile Apps - Store. Mobile Apps for Palm OS and Windows Mobile Devices. Great products at prices everyone can afford.

  • License: Shareware
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