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Palm Unit Converter

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Palm Unit Converter v1.22
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Palm Unit Converter converts more than 2600 units organized in 64 categories and 33 subcategories and has more than 50000 conversions. User can manage category, subcategory and unit list, swap units, edit interface and change result output format.FREE DESKTOP UNIT CONVERTER FOR REGISTERED USERS. * Converts and calculates 2600 units * User can manage category, subcategory and unit list * Swap units * Simple and fast, on-the-fly conversions * Support for 64 unit categories with 33 subcategories * All math performed using double precision floating point numbers Screenshot Screenshot o Support for : o Acceleration + Acceleration - Linear + Acceleration - Angular o Angles o Area o Astronomical o Calorific Value o Capacitance o Charge o Chemical - Henry's Law o Computer o Concentration - Liquid Solution o Concentration - Molar o Conductance o Conductivity o Cooking + Common Cooking + Butter Conversions o Current o Data Storage o Data Transfer o Density o Digital Image Resolution o Electric Field o Electric Potential o Energy o Entropy o Flow Rate + Flow Rate [mass] + Flow Rate [volume] + Flow Rate [mole] o Force o Frequency Wavelength o Frequency o Fuel Efficiency o Heat Capacity o Heat Flux Density o Heat Transfer Coefficient o Inductance o Latent Heat o Length/Distance + All Length + Common Length + Metric Length o Light + Illuminance + Luminance + Luminous Intensity o Linear Charge Density o Linear Current Density o Magnetic Flux Density o Magnetic Flux o Magnetic Strength o Magnetomotive Force o Mass Flux Density o Moment of Inertia o Numbers + All Numbers + Roman/Arabic o Permeability o Power o Pressure o Radiation + Radiation + Radiation - Absorbed Dose + Radiation - Activity + Radiation - Exposure o Resistance o Resistivity o Sound o Specific Heat o Specific Volume o Speed + All Speed + Common Speed + Speed-Angular o Surface + Surface Tension + Surface Charge Density + Surface Current Density o Temperature o Thermal Conductivity o Thermal-expansion o Time o Torque o Typography o Viscosity + Dynamic Viscosity + Kinematic Viscosity + Oil and Water o Volume + All Volume + Volume - Lumber + Volume - Dry + Volume - Charge Density + Volume - Specific o Weight/Mass + All Weight + Common Weight + Metric Weight. Unit Converter for Palm (Treo) , Holidays for Palm (Treo) , Currency Converter for Palm (Treo). Software for Palm OS based handhelds and smartphones. Currency Converter for Palm OS, Unit Converter for Palm OS, Finance Genius, 2007 Tax Manager, palm account manager, conversion pack - unit & currency, cemical elements, holidays & holidates Note: Download That periodically updates software info, pricing of Palm Unit Converter from the developer. Please confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft and impact the entire global economy. Distribution of Palm Unit Converter cracked software is generally an illegal act of copyright infringement. Using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal. We donot support crack software licensing and distribute these releases of Palm Unit Converter.

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