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Doc To Bmp Converter is a professional and powerful Word document to Image converter (BMP, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, TIF, PNG, EXIF, EMF ). With it, you can convert your doc, docm, rtf, docx files to any type of images like bmp, jpg, jpeg, tif, gif, emf, png,exif in batches (Batch processing mode). The output image BMP quality is very high and preserving the original text, tables, image, layout of your Word (Doc) document. It works very fast and more the processing speed of the PC it turms more faster. User-friendly interface is very easy to use without any technical requirements.It has a capacity to convert 1000's of documents in a single click and also provides a visual status of documents. Key Features docx to bmp - Converts doc files to Image (BMP) in all formats (jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, tif, png, exif, bmp, emf). docx to bmp - Convert all MS Word file (DOC, DOCX, RTF, DOCM, DOT)to BMP (Image) Format. docx to bmp - 1000's of files can be converted in a single click. docx to bmp - It works in Batch processing mode. docx to bmp - Drag and drop files with batch conversion. docx to bmp - You can choose the entire folder to be converted. docx to bmp -Accurately retains the layout of the original presentation file of Word file. docx to bmp - It is EASY, ACCURATE , FAST & most AFFORDABLE. docx to bmp - Supports all MS- Word 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 ,etc. docx to bmp - Processes the conversion at very high speed.


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