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Easy Projects .NET
Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based Project Management System and Task Tracking software. It is called "Easy Projects" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make project management and task tracking straightforward and hassle-free. Easy Projects .NET has exactly those tools and features that you need and without complicated setup. Easy Projects .NET has an intuitive interface and including contextual tips. Despite its simplicity of use, Easy Projects .NET is a powerful and sophisticated system based on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology. These robust technologies provide you with scalable and flexible solution to manage software projects of any complexity. Using multi-nesting projects and tasks, detailed statistics and reports, email notifications and alerts, issues and requests tracking, message board and more, you will be able to track and organize any type of project. Your team will be able to effectively communicate and collaborate during all stages of the project life-cycle, facilitating successful delivery of results on time and within budget. Save time and improve productivity. Easy Projects .NET is all about getting your projects done quickly and effortlessly!


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