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MetriQ Lite
MetriQ Timesheet Time Tracking Software is perfect for automated timesheet administration. Features * MetriQ's Timesheet patent-pending time tracking software accurately tracks the time and duration that you spend working on applications and files on your computer, removing the need for you to fill out your timesheet. MetriQ Timesheet Logger runs quietly in the background while you work. * MetriQ's Timesheet Stopwatch (aka iTime) is perfect for timing tasks performed while you are away from the computer such as phone calls and meetings. * MetriQ's Timesheet Tracking software detects time that the computer is on but not in use, allowing you to assign it to worked items when you return. * A simple to use user interface incorporating both Gantt chart and table timesheet views provides quick and simple graphical editing of logged data and fast manual data entry. * Hierarchical project and entity database allows you the flexibility to tailor the software to suit your organization's structure and specific work categorization needs. For example, create a project for each client, a project for each job you are working on for that client, then a sub-project for each billable task. You can also create projects to monitor non-billable activities. * MetriQ's Powerful configurable hierarchical viewing system (such as view by project, then person, work tool (application) and then work item) help to provide a detailed project and resource analysis from your timesheet and time tracked data. * Scalable to any number of users. * MetriQ's Flexible billing system also allows you to bill for time by user or project (client or job). * Specify hourly cost rates for each employee and display itemized profit/loss.


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