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TSID Router is a program that reads the TSID contents contained in a facsimile header. The contents of the header are then used to distribute the facsimile. TSID Router will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address or any combination of them based on a set of rules.

The program starts by saving all incoming faxes in an archive folder as either a tiff image or a PDF. Once saved the contents of the Facsimile’s header is read and matched to a set of rules. The rules allow the facsimile to be saved in a particular file folder, sent to a specific printer, or emailed as an attachment or a link. The user can use as many rules as necessary to properly distribute the facsimile. For instance the facsimile could be printed on two printers, sent to three email addresses and placed in a specific folder.

This makes it ideal for when facsimiles need to be distributed among many people. For instance in a law firm it could be placed in a file folder for a particular case, each legal assistant could receive a link to it and at the same time it could be printed on the lead attorney's printer.

TSID Router automatically distributes facsimiles to email, printers and file folders based upon the senders information.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $249.00 USD
  • Size: 14.0 MB
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