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Hide My Windows
The name of the program clearly describes its purpose - that's bringing the freedom to people under control. Unlike the good old "punch-reset" solution, which sent the computer to the reboot, with Hide My Windows you can add a great deal of chic to getting rid of unwanted on-screen "mess": from simply hiding unwanted windows or shutting down unwanted applications to closing groups of applications by mask, removing objectionable content from the list of running applications - all with a single keystroke or mouse move or click. Hide My Windows provides a easy and flexible functionality for home and office PC users to quickly get sensitive materials out off the screen without closing programs or losing documents. Features: * Instantly hide windows with a secret hotkey combination - This feature allows to hide all windows of browsers, chats, games and other by defined filters. * Hide and Show with mouse. * Close browsers by hotkey * Instantly hide active window with a secret hotkey combination - Sometimes you have no time to add window name to filters, no problem this feature allows to you hide any active window by hotkey. * Restore all windows on their places - All hidden windows will be restored with their sizes, places and style. * Works invisibly in the background - To protect your privacy Hide My Windows can be hide and work in background. * Customizable hot keys - You can change default hotkeys anytime. * Show list of hidden windows - You can check which windows hidden by filters and change filters if needed. * Owner process detection - Different processes can have windows with one name, you can decrease collisions by analyzing owner processes and changing filters to meet your needs. * Exceptions list - thats allows to you create list of windows that will never be hidden. !!! July deal - get Hide My Windows with 30% discount.


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