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Elite Mahjong
Several game modes, from very simple to classic. Various backgrounds and tiles, excellent music and nice sounds will make you love the Elite Mahjong game! The game includes large set of symbols, plants pictures, animals and etc; many of them look similar and are difficult to distinguish, that's why you have to be especially careful to find true tile couples.


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Title / Version / Description Size License
Triple Noir 1.0 - Triple Noir - is a fascinating addictive puzzle game in the setting of Chicago 1930, Prohibition,... 30.6 MB Freeware
Collect Fruit 1.2 - Your goal is to get the fruit in the box, using items such as a board, conveyor, tree stump,... 21.0 MB Freeware
Thing 1.2 - You had an accident. fell off the roof. And suddenly you become strange person (or persons),... 5.4 MB Freeware
Meme The Game 2.1 - Memes, memes and more memes .... They are everywhere at the moment is nearly impossible to find a... 12.4 MB Freeware
Falco Lines 6.0 - The game starts with a 9x9 board with three colored balls selected from seven possible colors.... 4.9 MB Freeware
Falco Lines II 5.6 - Lines is a logic game with beautiful animated graphics, special effects and jazz music. As with... 13.1 MB Freeware
Mysteries Of The Secret Gallery 3.8 - A classic representative of the HiddenObject genre with beautiful graphics and pleasant music.... 23.3 MB Freeware
Experiment 1.3 - Experiment is a game where you have to rely on your intuition and memory. The protagonist wakes... 5.2 MB Freeware
Chinese Medicine Puzzle Game 1 - Solve Chinese Medicine Puzzle Game And Win !! 284.0 KB Freeware
Happy Pumpkin 1.2 - Soak up the atmosphere of Halloween and give lonely pumpkin to collect all the stars to arrange... 18.8 MB Freeware