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Net Chess is a powerful and flexible program that lets you play chess against a lot of computer players (chess engines), with friends and family on the same computer, via email or online directly connecting your computers over a local network or the Internet.


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Title / Version / Description Size License
Rubiks Cube 1.2 - You are Commander of Zero, a small unit that rescued alien beings after the attack. The goal is... 10.5 MB Freeware
Cubalist 4.0 - Sort of a planar version of Rubik's Cube. Manipulate the lines and columns in the game field... 7.2 MB Freeware
Puzzle Rail Rush 1.0 - You should build track by moving and turning puzzle blocks. Building the track is a puzzle... 16.7 MB Freeware
Faux Wood Blinds 1.20 - Pearl Puzzle is just another collapse game. You have to find columns or rows of three or more... 349.5 KB Freeware
Active Movement 4.2 - Entertaining logic game in which you need to use ingenuity. Direct a green square to hit the nail... 10.2 MB Freeware
Stratego 3.8 - Stratego is a board game for two players on a 10x10 square board. Each player controls 40 pieces... 6.1 MB Freeware
Stratego OnLine 3.2 - Stratego is a military strategy board game for two, with a checkered playing field of 10 X 10... 6.2 MB Freeware
Crazy Ball 2.3 - Crazy Ball is simple in design, but a very difficult to master shooter (they insure their... 5.2 MB Freeware
Memory Game 2.2 - Memory Game is an addictive puzzle game with a beautiful design that will please your eyes. What... 11.7 MB Freeware
Naruto Memory Game 1.1 - Memory Game with your favorite characters from the anime "Naruto." On the field of... 11.6 MB Freeware