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ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager
Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database. Contains simple powefull objects for creating, deleting, managing and enumerating user accounts, groups, servers and domains in ASP, WSH, IE, VBA, VBS/JS and T-SQL. You can change any of the user or group properties.


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Title / Version / Description Size License
Audit Active Directory 13.07.01 - The software produce alerts for critical changes immediately after they occur and deliver them... 12.0 MB Shareware
BlissRADIUS™ 3.7.397 - High performance RADIUS billing solution that runs on Linux and Windows, comes with automated... 13.8 MB Shareware
fileXhub 1.1.2000 - BIT's fileXhub makes it simple to manage your own Internet file transfer hub. 708.0 KB Freeware
Anzeigen-Manager Pro 2.5 - Professional advertisement system. 647.0 KB Commercial
Wing FTP Server For Mac(Power PC) 4.0.2 - Wing FTP Server is a highly functional, easy-to-use and secure homepage solution that can be used... 7.6 MB Shareware
IP2Proxy Anonymous Proxy Database 2010 - Anonymous or Open proxy servers are intermediate Web servers meant to hide the real identity or... 200.0 KB Shareware
HarePoint Custom Alerts for SharePoint 1.0 - Must-have solution which enables the creation of all types of custom alerts and email... 1.8 MB Shareware
Send HTML Mail Task 1.0.2 - The Send HTML Mail Task package will allow users to send email in plain-text or HTML format in an... 348.0 KB Freeware
Silverlight Multi File Uploader 5.0 - The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is a free Silverlight 5 application. 348.0 KB Freeware
JumpBox for the SugarCRM 6.x CRM System 1.7.9 - SugarCRM is the market-leading, commercial Open Source customer relationship management (CRM)... 258.0 MB Shareware