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VShell Server for Windows
VShell Secure Shell server for Windows and UNIX is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP that gives you the strong encryption, trusted authentication, and data integrity you need to securely access network resources and transfer data. VShell is simple to install and set up, enabling you to quickly deploy and fine tune your server environment to comply with internal policies and external regulations. Provide secure remote access to the network for IT and end users, securely configure and maintain servers and network services, and deliver secure file transfer services with confidence. VShell's extensive configuration options and trusted authentication methods give you the right balance between protecting your network and providing your employees and customers with access to the data they need. Using fine-tuned configuration options like access control lists (ACLs) and virtual directory structures, enforce your security policy by placing safeguards on all personnel who have access to the VShell server. Using "triggers" initiates protective or corrective measures if it looks like a security problem is developing. The VShell server is available in several editions so that you can use a modular approach to deploy cost-effective solutions that fit your needs. VShell can be licensed to meet the needs of every size network and organization, from single admin-only server access to enterprise-wide remote access, secure file transfer, and data tunneling solutions.


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