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EverWatch Server Monitor
EverWatch Server Monitor allows you to continuously and automatically poll the web server of your choice at a specified interval. Check your web host to see if it's really up as much as they say it is. Detailed event and statistics logging can optionally be saved to file. Easy to install, configure and run.


New Downloads of Internet / Web Authoring: Misc Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
JavaScript Framework Shield UI 1.7.16 - The JavaScript Framework by Shield UI offers various JavaScript/HTML5 components for streamlined... 3.9 MB Shareware
Arclab Website Link Analyzer 1.21 - Arclab Website Link Analyzer is a software website crawler to analyze and optimize your website.... 4.0 MB Shareware
Javascript Hashset 1.0 - A JavaScript based HasSet class. This acts like an unordered array, which can be searched for... 4.0 KB Freeware
Site Translator 4.1 - Translate entire web sites or localize software with a single click! Site Translator converts all... 9.7 MB Shareware
CKeditor SpellCheck 1.1.141211 - Nanospell is the alternative, ad free 'CKEditor Spell check' plug-in . See an online... 765.0 KB Shareware
jQuery Spell Check 4.3 - 'jQuery spell check' lets you add spellchecking support to any web-app using pure... 1.0 MB Shareware
JavaScript Chart Standard 1.7.2 - Shield UI Chart is feature rich and facilitates the creation of visually impressive charts and... 1.8 MB Shareware
Freenly Ad Network Client for Windows 1 - Free advertising of your webpages, products or services 692.2 KB Freeware
Recovery Toolbox for MySql 2.0.7 - Recovery Toolbox for MySQL - a powerful, fast and efficient, yet incredibly easy to use recovery... 3.8 MB Shareware
Video player Spruto 1.2.1 - Create a free video player for your website! Spruto allows you to build and customize a beautiful... 417.0 KB Freeware