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AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard
As new technologies evolve, we all become adept at the new virtual space. These days, it is almost impossible to imagine a person who has never heard about the Internet. The Web is getting spread all over the globe, leaving traditionally slow real-world businesses in the dust when it comes to speed of operation. Most ventures involved in commerce move their business to the web in an attempt to reach millions of potential customers. This is exactly the point where customer behavior tracking and analysis becomes the key to success. Following the basic marketing rule, it is wise to know what exactly happens when a customer comes to your e-shop. What is it that he is looking for? Can he easily find it? How does he get to know about your web site? So, is there a solution capable of answering hundreds of web marketing questions such as these? Yes! There is! Introducing AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard, the unique web server log analysis software that offers comprehensive reports on every possible aspect of web site operation otherwise left hidden from your eyes! AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard is a user-friendly application that grabs web server logs (all formats supported) and builds graphically-rich self-explanatory reports on web site usage statistics, customer behavior, referring web sites and search engines, search phrases that bring customers to your e-shop as well as the total traffic flow and more. You can even discover gaps in your e-business. Thanks to the advanced technology used in this application, the analysis process takes no significant time while producing results that speak for itself. Using this tool for the first time usually becomes a true marketing strategy discovery for professional webmasters! Throw in sample reports, presets and highly customizable report generation mechanism and you get the absolute winner! Besides all these goodies, AlterWind Log Analyzer comes with a FREE trial version available and volume discounts! So give it a try now!


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