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SOLUTION4VOIP is a platform that allows to implement various types of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) services, with retaining shared, uniform management interface. The feature that distinguishes this platform is the implementation of an integrated, embedded billing system that cooperates with SQL l MS SQL or MySQL databasesl servers.This solution results in the simplicity of preparing the system, by the operator, to be fully functional for providing services and also for administrating it in the future.VoipSwitchls software consists of the following modules: VoipSwitch manager l the main part of the application. It allows to monitor the whole incoming traffic. Apart from the current connection status and the type of logged in clients, it also presents a number of additional information on the processes that are taking place. VoipSwitch Config management interface. It is a tool for configuring the whole system. It has a number of features that allow to manage clientsl billing and analyze traffic information, based on the statistical data. Web CDR the module that allows clients to check their current account status and the history of the calls made. There is a possibility of exporting data to the file from this level. PC to Phone Client softphone based on the g723.1 codec. Webphone softphone that can be initiated directly from the website. Callback Client clientls software that allows to initiate calls between two telephones. Webcallback clientls callback version that is initiated directly from the website SMS callback module that cooperates with the SMS operators. It also allows to create access number for SMS callback service using the mobile phone IVR module module responsible for playing back voice messages utilized by various services e.g. 2 stage dialing, account balance or IP PBX Online Shop web based system that allows resellers to create users accounts, manage them, manage the tariffs, and analyze the information on the traffic that is taking place etc. Resellerls module web based system that allows resellers to create users accounts, manage them, manage the tariffs, and analyze the information on the traffic that is taking place etc. . CallShop windows based application that is to be installed in internet callshops, it gives real time information on connection status, the telephone number, time of the connection, its cost etc. SOLUTION4VOIP.COM ::: The VoipSwitch Solution Provider. With our reliable and secure billing software solutions and services, Solution4voip ensures Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) can implement quickly a full range of billing software for IP telephony.

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