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MagicScore School
MagicScore School 7 is specialized notation software for music aficionados, students, teachers, schools and colleges. The program offers people interested in music a variety of notation options - input, editing, printing, correctness check and much more. MagicScore School 6, as the name implies, has been specially created for folks who are learning music, but professional musicians can use it as well. Notes can be entered manually, copied from another source, added through the virtual piano, MIDI keyboard or synthesizer. If there is something incorrect with the notes, MagicScore School 6 will alert the user right away. If necessary, that person can easily add or delete notes manually as well as perform other editing operations, like transposing separated notes or selected blocks of notes. MagicScore School 6 is also capable of reading notes from MIDI and Karaoke files, as well as recording MIDI and Karaoke files. The player module is capable of playing notes for the selected instruments or the entire orchestra. Volume, balance and effects can be adjusted individually for each score instrument. Another handy feature MagicScore School 6 comes with is the notes printing option (including MIDI files) with preview. The program is also capable of printing blank staff notation sheets. The program also supports Music XML format. The program supports multiple languages. What’s new in MagicScore School 7? - New MagicScore Music Engine V. - Sound fonts sf2 usage is implemented . - High quality fast score to Audio converter (mp3 32-192) added. - New customizable notes layout. - Transposing on key signature. - Now you can add a drum note from Drums map list. - Jazz Swing as a special playback feature added. - Now You can set the horizontal and vertical position of symbols relative to the notes. - New export to MusicXML files, and import from MusicXML. - New possibilities to include OLE objects like MS Word, Corel, Photoshop etc documents into MagicScore music composition files. - New file format for new Music Engine, there is import from old file format. - New jazz notation font and style. - New import from MIDI algorithm. - New opportunities … - Placing voice into 2 staves is added. - German help. - Spain interface. - Polish interface. - Autocalculation of measures duration by added to it notes when Time Signature of composition is not set. - Formation of notes changed. - The Liga addition changed, split to Slur è Tie . - ... etc


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