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A tool that lets you increase the potential of your employees is what we can say about SurveilStar. A firm is always made up of a mixed bag of people; there are people who are committed to the company, while there are others who are there just to make use of your resources, and make profits for themselves. These are the people you either have to weed out, or else, keep in tab. You can do all that by checking out the internet usage of the employee and finding out who all are the good ones and who are the bad ones.


SurveilStar lets you to check out the network usage of all the computers in a network. It lets you to know the internet usage as well as the sites accessed. The features associated with the software are:

-    It has a keystroke analyzer; it lets you analyze each and every keystroke made on the keyboard.
-    The software allows you to take snapshots at regular intervals; you can set the software to take screenshots at an interval of a particular time period; hence, you can see which website the person was accessing.
-    Each keystroke and mouse click is recorded on the software.
-    It allows you to block access to the explicit sites that you don’t want your employees or kids to see.


There are many advantages of using the software; each advantage aims at creating a good atmosphere at your work site. The advantages are:

-    It has a stealth mode, which enables the software to remain underground and work without being identified.
-    It helps you in keeping your business details secret, as they can be abused by the employees.
-    It helps in reducing the time spent by the employees on breaks.
-    It reduces the abuse of the internet and email.
-    It helps in keeping a close tab on websites accessed by the user, and blocks them effectively.
-    It also provides timely alerts, if a particular violation of conduct is taking place.

The Final Point
It is such a big world out there; there are people who are on the lookout to cheat others. The IT industry and the internet are now not safe from manipulators; hence, you need to stay protected. You have to be vigilant about the moles in the office, and bring them to book; this software helps you do that. A good software to have; this is the best surveillance software in the market.

Publisher's Description

SurveilStar is a powerful and easy-to-use PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity. It records every detail of computer and Internet activities - emails, chats and instant messages, web sites visited, search history, program activities, document operations, printing, disc burning, removable devices, and many more. With SurveilStar, you can monitor everything they do on computers and the Internet, nothing hides from you.

The surveillance screen snapshot feature enables you to see exactly what the monitored targets do on their computers, like you are watching behind them.

What's important, SurveilStar puts you in control. Whatever you can monitor, you can control it. You can control certain computer's access to websites, filter outgoing files via IM, block email attachment, disable movable device drive, cancel unauthorized file sharing, prevent changing system configurations, and many more. You can even lock the target computer if potential sabotage is out there.

Stealth mode, all-around records and reports, real-time multi-screen snapshot monitoring, dynamic PC/Internet control strategies, all these combine to build a complete solution for protecting your intellectual properties and business secrets, reducing slackers, prevent Internet and email abuse and related potential legal liability, and improve productivity.

Based on different situations, SurveilStar can apply different strategies to different users/computers. It can allow the activity, ignore the activity, take no action, or block the activity. And you don't have to review every record all day long. You can tell SurveilStar to alert you whenever a specified activity was taken or a bottom line was triggered. And all the control and block policies will be carried out automatically by SurveilStar. You just sit back, and have a cup of coffee.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $69.95 USD
  • Size: 134 B
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