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Efficient To-Do List
Efficient To-Do List is a professional, elegant and handy task management software package. By specifying the priorities or order of to-dos (tasks) or specifying different colors for different task labels, Efficient To-Do List makes every effort to assist you in following the "First Things First" principle. It reminds you before a task starts or is due, helps you resist the temptation to "drag on" and brings you the sense of on-time job accomplishment. With its unlimited-level grouping and unlimited-level subtasks, you can better organize and manage the to-do list. The product saves you a lot of time with the great features such as quick find, copy and paste of to-dos and bulk import. Besides, there are many other special features such as displaying task list in card view, adding unlimited number of attachments or repeating recurring tasks in multiple modes and so on. Use Efficient To-Do List to improve productivity and experience the joys of salary boom and promotions right now!


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