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Polar Crypto Component
Polar Crypto Component gives your Windows applications the functionality of unbreakable encryption. It enables you to build your own security systems instantly, or to easily integrate it into your existing systems, enhancing their security and performance. Polar Crypto is a DLL/COM component which can be implemented whenever data security, authenticity and integrity are needed; -in all applications developed for conducting business transactions with absolute confidentiality -for digital signature creation and validation -in e-commerce web applications that store sensitive data (for example; credit card details) -in desktop applications that encrypt confidential files on your computer or computer network Features -full source code completely written in MS Visual C++ included at no extra cost providing further development and/or customizing products -choose between component and source code when implementing Polar Crypto into your application -encrypt files, strings, buffers (Encrypt Method, Decrypt Method) -use 128/256-bit symmetric (AES and Twofish) or 512/1024/2048-bit asymmetric keys (public and private RSA keys) -digitally sign your data with the RSA private key (Sign Method) -verify signed data (VerifySignature Method) -generate a hash value using the SHA-1 & SHA-2 algorithms -set the Streaming Property to TRUE if you do not have a single data block -built-in random data generator (Blum, Blum and Shub algorithm) -set your own seed for an algorithm (RandomGeneratorSeed Property) -conversion to Base64 or Hex format with the CryptoData Object -original binary data manipulation -detect errors in the encryption/decryption process with OnError Event -check current status of the operation with ProcessingStatus Event Development environments: -MS Visual Studio -all Borland Developer Studio evironments -any other 32-bit programming environments that support DLL/COM and .NET components


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