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RTF-to-HTML DLL COM, Win32're 100% free components. You can convert HTML and ASP files into good-looking RTF with tables or transform tables to text. Output rtf file is smaller than input HTML. The DLL components does not require Microsoft Word or other word-processors. Our DLLs are COM and Win32 objects, developers my call it from Visual Basic, C+, VBA, Delphi, Java or other language. Components take HTML string and return RTF string. And also DLL may work with files, it take HTML file and creates RTF file. The component also offers full formatting support, allowing you to retain various formatting options from your original RTF files. This includes support for font styles, faces and sizes and support for various image formats, tables, borders and hyperlinks. It also has full Unicode support along with other special characters, so you can use it when your web content is primarily in any other language that does not use the Latin alphabet. The component also creates small size HTML files quickly and has full support for a wide range of formatting options. RTF-to-HTML DLL Professional Main Features: Component can convert: RTF to HTML Component can convert: TXT to HTML Component can convert: RTF to HTML + CSS Component can convert: TXT to HTML + CSS Component can convert: RTF to XHTML Component can convert: TXT to XHTML ConvertFile() - working with files Convert() - take HTML string and return RTF string converting images (.gif, .jpg and .png) tables nested tables CSS hyperlinks font face, color, size


New Downloads of Programming / Misc Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
Internet of Things Developer 2.76 - Internet of Things developer allows to develop an IoT Business, worldwide. Simulate Material... 3.8 MB Freeware
TextPipe Engine 10.6 - Fast text manipulation and data extraction engine. Fix websites, database data and electronic... 7.1 MB Shareware
SD-TOOLKIT Barcode Reader SDK for Windows 2.1.150 - The Royalty free Barcode Reader SDK for Microsoft Windows allows you to integrate barcode... 5.1 MB Shareware
InstallAware Free Installer X6 - InstallAware's new Free Installer runs inside Visual Studio and creates setups... 54.5 MB Freeware
EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK - Monitor the file system I/O activities on the fly. Control file system I/O,allow, denied or... 4.7 MB Shareware
HelpNDoc - Full-featured help authoring tool, easy and powerful, producing HTML help files, CHM, PDF, Word,... 21.3 MB Freeware
EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK - EaseFilter File system encryption filter driver SDK provides a comprehensive solution for... 4.7 MB Shareware
Dynamic Web TWAIN 13.2 - Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN-based scanning SDK software specifically designed for Web... 59.3 MB Shareware
WinCHM - help authoring software 5.18 - Help authoring software. Create Help file, Create Web-based help, Create CHM file, Create... 6.0 MB Shareware
GeoDLL 17.38 - GeoDLL is a Geodetic Development Kit / Geodetic Function Library with worldwide 2D and 3D... 4.7 MB Shareware