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Western Railway 3D Screensaver
Traveling always cultivates the mix of at-last-all-troubles-away tranquility and holiday excitement. But unfortunately most of us cannot afford leaving the haste of a big city, and put off so many important things to be done today. Western Railway 3D Screensaver gives you this ultimate feeling of traveling euphoria. An exact virtual copy of the legendary American 4-4-0 has been re-created in stunning details to let you get the full appreciation of the most exciting journey across the breathtaking views of the western railway. An old American train of the second half of the nineteenth century is slowly pulling several cars. Luckily, you do not have to buy a ticket to take a seat in the first-class salon. You will visit a faraway small western town with its railway station, industrial area, ore mining works: The route of the train will take you further past the countryside farms, water mills, picturesque mountain landscapes. From time to time, you'll see the train crossing the bridges over the full-flowing rivers and deep ravines. Detailed surroundings, modern graphics and high-quality effects will let you plunge into the atmosphere of a real railway journey. Your impression of the trip will be completed with the original Western Railway 3D Screensaver music track, or otherwise, you may choose your own favorite piece of music from your personal library.


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