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PassMem is one of the latest solutions created for secure password storage and a reliable and easy way of safely managing passwords, sensitive data, access codes, crucial dates, figures, numbers, and more. With a simple but still stylish interface, PassMem offers an efficient and practical option of checking out what has been already stored. Its very intuitive appearance promises a total absence of confusion. First, you get things going by creating a specific database. The second phase is storing data in the newly database you've created. PassMem allows you to add plenty of types of objects including: common passwords, pin codes, database passwords, Advanced Web Server Passwords, blog and forum passwords, cell phone logs, FTP passwords, contacts, credit card info, diary entries, domain workgroup users, gadget pin codes and serials, license keys, network file share, personal E-mail addresses, personal notes, reglar pin codes, and many more. The app is impressively solid and easy to operate and includes a highly competent password generator which assures unique and complex passwords each time it is used. Benefit from easy one-click access to your online accounts and save time by enjoying one click access to easily fill forms. One of best features of the PassMem is Security - enhanced password edit controls. Our tests show that controls used in Password Sentinel are well protected against any current available password edit control spies. PassMem doesn't make passwords managed with those controls observable even in the process memory of the application. This is the perfect utility to keep your data safe whether for corporate purposes or simply individual use! Important! Unlike other similar software this password manager does NOT install spyware on your machine and does NOT compromise your security in any way!


New Downloads of Security / Password Management Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
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JRecoverer for MS SQL Server Passwords 1.4.0 - Audit and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server passwords. Account information import. Password... 54.5 MB Shareware
JRecoverer for PostgreSQL Passwords 1.4.0 - Audit and recovery of PostgreSQL passwords. Account information import. Password recovery using... 54.1 MB Shareware
JRecoverer for MySQL Passwords 1.4.0 - Audit and recovery of MySQL passwords. Account information import. Password recovery using... 54.4 MB Shareware
SpotAuditor 5.1.3 - SpotAuditor is an advanced password recovery software for recovering over 40 programs passwords,... 2.6 MB Shareware
JRecoverer for Oracle Database Passwords 1.4.0 - Audit and recovery of Oracle Database passwords. 56.2 MB Shareware
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 6.40 - Perform logical acquisition of mobile devices running Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile... 44.8 MB Shareware
iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro - Reset local administrator and users' password for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. 2.0 MB Shareware
SterJo Wireless Key Generator 1.0 - SterJo Wireless Key Generator is a tool that generates strong WEP, WPA or WPA2 key for your... 708.4 KB Freeware
SpotChrome Password Recovery 1.3.5 - SpotChrome Password Recovery is the best tool to recover Google Chrome passwords. Google Chrome... 2.1 MB Shareware