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Easy SMTP Server
Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Every time you change your location connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to send messages via different SMTP servers you have to use. Easy SMTP Server is a simple easy-to-use program working in background that lets you send e-mail messages directly from your PC bypassing ISP's SMTP servers. Using this program instead of your ISP's SMTP server you will increase your e-mail security and privacy as well as get rid of annoying change of settings for your e-mail program. Easy SMTP Server is easy to configure! The e-mail program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way - just use the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done it, you can send messages in a usual manner. Easy SMTP Server is supported by all email programs including Outlook Express and Eudora. Easy SMTP Server is very fast! It may serve multitude of SMTP connections concurrently to use your Internet connection up to maximum. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent documentation is included. Try our Easy SMTP Server for free.


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