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Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address?

Hide IP NG (short for Hide IP Next Generation) is the software you are looking for! Keeping your privacy is simple and easy: just start Hide IP NG!

Key Features of Hide IP NG:

Don't waste time in testing slow and dangerous public proxies. Just select a USA/UK IP you wish to use from our list. Every IP you see is usable, fast and 100% secure!

Assign different IPs to your computers even they are behind the same router!

A single click and you are ready to go. Hide your IP address without any configuration.

We never ask our users to create an acount before using. Our users will never be logged and tracked.

1024 bits encryption prevent your ISP and your boss from spying on you!

Prevent others from reading any data you transmit in Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Support HTTPS:// sites and double your security!

Send anonymous email through any web based mail system (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail).

Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.

Bypass the restrictions placed by some owners of Internet resources on users from certain countries or geographical regions. Bypass work/school web filter and visit any sites you want (e.g. MySpace).

Great for monitoring your overseas search engine campaigns.

Keeping your computer safe from hacker attacks by hiding your IP address.

Protects you from any website that wants to monitor your reading interests and spy upon you through your unique IP address - your ID in the Internet.

Avoid your personal information being used to send you spam and junk emails. Many marketers and advertising agencies will use you IP address, together with your email, to send you unsolicited emails.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $35.00 USD
  • Size: 853.6 KB
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