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Search and Recover
Easily recover deleted or damaged data from your PC and digital devices. Get back documents, folders, music, photos, movies, system files, e-mail, and more. Recover messages from the most popular e-mail programs: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, and Thunderbird. Outlook users can also recover calendars, contacts, and tasks. In addition to recovering data from your PCâs hard drives, you can recover from floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, digital cameras, music players, USB flash drives, and dozens of other media and devices! Data recovery is intuitive and easy: the user-friendly interface removes the guesswork with guided step-by-step wizards and one-click operations. By combining the robust recovery features with bonus tools for system backups and secure file deletions, Search and Recover is a comprehensive solution for managing your critical data. KEY FEATURES: - The new SmartScan technology ignores irrelevant junk files, making it easier to get back only those files you truly need. - The enhanced StrongScan technology performs a byte-level search that can detect the faintest remnants of lost data, even on unbootable, damaged, or formatted media, and even years after files were lost! - The new TotalRecovery tool automatically recovers and saves data for an entire disk or drive. â Make sure the file is the right one before recovery: you can preview photos, movies, songs, .htm files, and more. â Save recovered data directly onto a CD or DVD for archiving or safekeeping. - Drive imaging technology provides a powerful emergency recovery and backup solution by creating a mirror copy of all files, not just those you can see. âSensitive information can be completely and securely deleted from a PC or digital device. COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS: - Windows operating systems (98, Me, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro). - All drive types (IDE, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and others). - Portable digital devices, such as digital cameras, music players, memory cards, flash drives, and more.


New Downloads of Utilities / File Tools: Repair/Maintenance

Title / Version / Description Size License
Raise Data Recovery for XFS 5.17.1 - Raise Data Recovery for XFS serves for data recovery and reconstruction of XFS system even after... 7.5 MB Shareware
UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (Windows) 5.17.1 - UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a universal data recovery solution. Powerful software... 7.6 MB Shareware
Raise Data Recovery for UFS/UFS2 5.17.1 - Raise Data Recovery for UFS recovers data from hard disks, removable storages, disk images,... 7.5 MB Shareware
Raise Data Recovery for NTFS 5.17.1 - Raise Data Recovery for NTFS is a powerful and yet cost-efficient software application for... 7.5 MB Shareware
FoneLab 8.0.76 - FoneLab can help you recover the lost and deleted SMS, contacts, call history, App data, photos,... 17.4 MB Shareware
UFS Explorer Standard Access 5.17.1 - UFS Explorer Standard Access is a software application that allows to access not-damaged data on... 3.4 MB Shareware
UFS Explorer RAID Recovery (Win) 5.17.1 - UFS Explorer Standard Recovery for RAID (RCI) is focused on RAID-related data recovery tasks.... 6.7 MB Shareware
FetchBoy Professional - FetchBoy Professional is a comprehensive package of file and data recovery tools to meet the... 2.6 MB Shareware
UFS Explorer Professional Recovery (Win) 5.17.1 - UFS Explorer Professional Recovery provides for data recovery with a professional approach.... 8.0 MB Shareware
Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS 5.17.1 - Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS is a data recovery software for ReiserFS of Linux OS. This... 7.5 MB Shareware