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BinarySoft BDI is a revolutionary new way to trade binary (two-outcome) markets on the Betfair betting exchange. It uses binary odds to present a clean and professional interface for markets which have exactly two selections. Using binary odds leads to many advantages over other interfaces, including features that get you better value for money and simple ways to trade out of your position ("green up") on a market.

There is a wide range of binary markets on Betfair, including the following:

tennis game/set/match/handicap betting;
snooker frame/match/handicap betting;
darts leg/set/match/handicap betting;
football over/under goals;
any knockout cup game (football, rugby, etc.);
cricket ODI/limited overs/test/county matches;
most financial bets;
any yes/no market many more! If you trade any of these markets, then you will find BinarySoft BDI an invaluable trading application.

BinarySoft BDI is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is easy to install and updates to the latest version automatically each time the program is started. A 20-day FREE trial is available, with absolutely no obligation to buy!

A generous two-tier affiliate program is now available at the BinarySoft website.

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