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Risk matters to anyone who intends to start up with a new business project, whether it be a hot dog stand, a garage or an airplane factory. Your gut feeling is of the greatest relevance. But sometimes helpers have a different perspective than you and want something more tangible to decide on whether to support your project or not. Profound analysis may be asked for. There are methods and tools for you out there. YourSim is one.

An easily graspable decision tool, easy to use for those who are not mathematicians, statisticians or finance analysts, making advanced methods available for the ordinary do-it-yourself man and woman evaluating a business idea to launch in the near or far future. Easy to learn, little time spent on finding out how it works, on what to put in, on understanding what comes out.

YourSim provides the probability for generating a loss, and graphs and numbers to describe data as break even and profit. Sensitivity and cash build-up are easily analyzed by manipulating the data put into the model.

You don't have to spend money on expensive lessons to use YourSim. Its interface is simple and intuitive, a window with only the most important data to relate to, regarding demand, price and variable and fixed costs. There are no dialogue boxes (except standard Excel warnings if you use unvalid data), this is a straight Excel 4 MB spreadsheet workbook with no macros or other code applied. Just enter your numbers, decide how they are distributed, make up your mind about how your business is sited and organized, or let the model take any scenario into consideration.

For complex problems with uncertain inputs, computer supported Monte Carlo simulation is often the only feasible option. For that reason it is widely used in metheorology, finance and a large number of scientific disciplines to forecast scenarios that are probability distributed. YourSim provides a simple and cheap analysis tool based on broadly accepted scientific methods.

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