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Outlook LAN Messenger has been the leading provider of Cross Platform (Windows, MAC, Linux) instant messaging and collaboration for business since 2004. Offers a Real-Time Collaboration that improves efficiency and productivity by enabling users to connect and collaborate with others within single or multiple offices from anywhere in the world. Packed with seamless features and easy customization with enormous flexibility to meet each business's specific needs. Adopts Client Peer-to-Peer Server-less technology ideal for small businesses / home users and Client/Server architecture ideal for large corporates with single and multiple sites. Quick installation and Ready to Use in less than a minute. Link Server pro (optional) enhance the power of Outlook Messenger, and with the version SDK seems nice step forward to create custom applications that meet specific end-user needs. Outlook Messenger can be purchased through a single, reasonably priced, one-time-only license fee. You can upgrade to the new version absolutely free of cost. Extra licence for additional computers can be purchased in future by upgrading the license pack. Outlook Messenger is committed to uncompromising excellence in customer support via email for both registered and unregistered users.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Updated Look and FeelTE Skin OptionTE Improved Remote DesktopTE Compatible with Link Server ProTE User List: Remembering the expanded/collapsed state of GroupsTE Link Server Pro Plugins SupportTE Minor bug fixes [ Outlook LAN Messenger for Linux full changelog ]

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $9.80 USD
  • Size: 3.9 MB
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