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TweetTwain is a social media management tool for small and medium business allows multiple account monitoring and management. Features includes: Geo targeted marketing: Location based search & follow and keyword based auto-reply helps you to adopt geo targeted marketing. Brand Awareness: Use TweetTwain to automate the whole process by scheduling and announcing various offers which are being offered, events, announcements, product launches which will reach a greater audience through your followers and re-tweets. Auto-reply keeps your pages alive. Real time Brand Monitoring: TweetTwain constantly monitors Twitter public timeline for your brand mentions and shows it to you for your review. You can re-tweet or reply to those mentions thus making a complete platform for direct communication with your customers. Auto-reply: An iteresting feature to make your Twitter account active without any manual effort! Set auto-reply message for keywords and forget it, TweetTwain will regularly monitor public timeline for the keywords and posts auto-reply randomly. Keyword Targeting: Keyword targeted is an unavoidable marketing strategy for any business. Find suitable keywords for your business and feed it to TweetTwain, TweetTwain will take care of the rest. Schedule & Publish: Annonce various offeres, promotions, results, events etc. using TweetTwain, schedule them and forget it! Auto-follow: TweetTwain makes your life easy by helping you to auto-follow users who mentions your brand name in their tweet! Supports unlimited accounts Unlimited Follow Un-follow: In-built search engine performs follow/un-follow for all your accounts, uses tested rules to protect your account from being banned because of mass follow/un-follow. Visit homepage to read all the features of TweetTwain. Minimum Requirements: Java 6.0 Supported OS: Windows(all versions), Linux(all versions), Mac(all versions with Java 6.0)Requirements: Java 6.0

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