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CLC Sequence Viewer creates a software environment enabling users to make a large number of bioinformatics analyses, combined with smooth data management, and excellent graphical viewing and output options. Bioinformatics features in CLC Sequence Viewer Multiple alignment of DNA, RNA, and proteins Two proprietary algorithms ClustalW Muscle T-Coffee MAFFT Kalign Consensus sequence determination and management Conservation score along alignments Open reading frame determination Easy access to web-based protein and nucleotide search in GenBank, including download facilities and full graphical overview of sequence annotations of your choice Translation from DNA to proteins (all genetic translation tables) Reports with residue composition, molecular weight and iso electric point (for proteins) Neighbor-joining and UPGMA phylogenies Restriction site analysis and viewing Create reverse complement Shuffle sequence Option of viewing and graphical manipulation of bioinformatics analyses made in commercial workbenches from CLC bio Other features in CLC Sequence Viewer Full integration of data input, data management, calculations results, and data export. This eliminates time spent on manual data transfers between different programs and databases All types of files can be saved in local projects and launched from the program Detailed history log User-friendly graphical tools used in order to find and work with relevant regions of DNA, RNA and protein sequences Text-based sequence view Easy printing of reports and graphics Export of user-defined figures to various graphics file formats Import and export of data in a large number of file formats Option of working with different files and in different file projects at the same time Option of working in several active workspaces at a time, enabling simultaneous work on multiple projectsRelease notes: New ReleaseVersion 6.8.1 adds Legal and Tabloid formats for printing. [ CLC Sequence Viewer for Mac and Linux full changelog ]

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