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MedClipse: an open-source EMR
MedClipse will be an open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for the swiss general practionner. It will implement things such as agenda, billing (tarmed), medical and administrative data management, prescriptions, referals and other tools.


New Downloads of Educational / Science Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
AsperhelpList 0.1 - Catalog of Russian and international scientific journals and Russian dissertation councils with... 524.6 KB Freeware
AW-clust 2.2 - AWclust is easy to use non-parametric population structure analysis software written for R with a... 115.7 KB Freeware
KISS GPS 20060604.b - A very basic, very simple Java based GPS tool. 1.3 MB Freeware
TreeSap - Qualitative Reasoning GIS 1.0.1 - TreeSap introduces simple yet powerful qualitative querying:rather than specifying a query using... 12.2 MB Freeware
Php Geochemical Database alpha - The Php Geochemical Database is designed to store geochemical data in a client/server architecture. 65.6 KB Freeware
The Feedisto 0.1.1 - Feedisto is your personal newspaper. 18.4 KB Freeware
PySlice, parametric modeling controller 1.6.4 - Pyslice provides utility functions for parametric modeling. 36.4 KB Freeware
VIKAMINE 1.9 - VIKAMINE is a flexible environment for visual analytics, data mining and business intelligence -... 7.1 MB Freeware
Debussy DFA Suite 86 - A Suite of Programs implementing a fast approach to the Debye Function Analysis (DFA) of powder... 9.9 MB Freeware
RMI wrapping 0.9 - A Java library supporting automatic RMI wrapping of non-remote objects. 113.6 KB Freeware