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Make your reviewing sessions a blast with a new concept in interactive learning! You create the matching sets and/or categorizing sets on your subject matter; students play games testing for them using your digital projector and (optionally) interactive white board. Students use a smart board (or mouse) to perform tasks such as dragging terms to their matches or categories for points and percentages. MatchCat lets you, the instructor, quickly create files containing matching elements (like terms and definitions) and categorized elements (like centuries and events)--on your subject matter. These game sets can be saved and then be uploaded into ALL the games described below for interactive learning fun! Works great with a projector and an interactive white board! (Monitors or stations alone will also work.) Aristotle: Teams drag words and concepts to their categories or their matching partners. Up to 12 Teams can play against each other or with each other to get the highest percentage possible for the whole class--or both--allowing you to take it for a grade! Great for interactive white boards, but monitors or projectors alone will also work. Heck, put it on computer stations if you want! Concentration: Remember that Concentration card game in elementary school? BETTER! Players flip the cards over trying to remember the and their matching definitions, concepts and their categories, etc. If it's events and their dates, match 'em up! If it's species and kingdoms, categorize 'em! Up to 12 teams against each other or the class vs. the clock! Battle for Europe: Match or categorize and take over Europe! Up to 5 teams battle for nations, learning your subject matter--and the geographical arrangement of the European states. Fast-paced, easy to play, very engaging! Klown: Crazy and cool digital projector gaming...Using your created matching or category files, up to 12 teams of students compete against each other try to stop the building of Binky . . .Requirements: Windows 95 through Windows 7

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