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Weather Manager
Weather Manager is a content management system focused on weather. You will be able to run sites like and Version 2 will be extensible with modules and themes. It will come with a set of modules and a valid XHTML theme.


New Downloads of Educational / Science Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
AsperhelpList 0.1 - Catalog of Russian and international scientific journals and Russian dissertation councils with... 524.6 KB Freeware
AW-clust 2.2 - AWclust is easy to use non-parametric population structure analysis software written for R with a... 115.7 KB Freeware
KISS GPS 20060604.b - A very basic, very simple Java based GPS tool. 1.3 MB Freeware
TreeSap - Qualitative Reasoning GIS 1.0.1 - TreeSap introduces simple yet powerful qualitative querying:rather than specifying a query using... 12.2 MB Freeware
Php Geochemical Database alpha - The Php Geochemical Database is designed to store geochemical data in a client/server architecture. 65.6 KB Freeware
The Feedisto 0.1.1 - Feedisto is your personal newspaper. 18.4 KB Freeware
PySlice, parametric modeling controller 1.6.4 - Pyslice provides utility functions for parametric modeling. 36.4 KB Freeware
VIKAMINE 1.9 - VIKAMINE is a flexible environment for visual analytics, data mining and business intelligence -... 7.1 MB Freeware
Debussy DFA Suite 86 - A Suite of Programs implementing a fast approach to the Debye Function Analysis (DFA) of powder... 9.9 MB Freeware
RMI wrapping 0.9 - A Java library supporting automatic RMI wrapping of non-remote objects. 113.6 KB Freeware