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IDEFISK Free Version 2.0 is a new generation SIP and IAX / IAX2 softphone compatible with the Asterisk platform. IDEFISK Free Edition features include: SIP + IAX/IAX 2 protocols, STUN support, STUN server per account, Echo cancellation, DTMF tones sending, Support for multiple audio devices, Automatic user registration, Call transfer, Hold function, Codecs: GSM, ulaw, alaw, speex, ilbc, Adaptive, Call history, Address book, Quick dial panel, Optional Automatic pop-up window for incoming call, Always on top, Call logs, Voice mail message information, Account password encryption, Upgrade notification, Jitter Buffer, Adjustment of audio device, codecs and volume settings...IDEFISK can also be re-branded.You can choose one of the three types of re-branding: Basic re-branding - colours, name and logo to your choice; Re-branding including additional development - allowing you to request additional changes such as: changing the language; adding, disabling, removing menus, options, buttons; adding functionalities; Complete re-branding OCo you can go for complete change of the interface and functionality. In particularly no time, you, your employees and customers will have your own company softphone without having to invest in developing it yourself. Details about IDEFISK OEM can be obtained at IDEFISK BIZ, the advanced version of IDEFISK Free, gives you many more elaborate features: SIP + IAX / IAX 2 protocols, Native conferencing, API, G729 (optionally), STUN support, STUN server per account, Mail program plug-in: Outlook integration, Callto URL protocol, Automatic provisioning (XML), Call forward, Auto answer, Incoming URL handling, Automatic opening of incoming URL, Access voice mail message with one button, Codec settings per account, Attended transfer (coming soon), Call recording (Single file recordings), Command line dialing, Custom ring tones, Call history, Call transfer, Number of accounts OCo unlimited, 6 available lines.

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    Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Mac OS X

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