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A generic framework for writing static macros in Java to generate elaborate boilerplate in HTML text files on the desktop without requiring any server side coding. It could also be used to expand macros in any text files. The basic idea is this. You embed magic comments in your HTML that look like something like this (with angle brackets shown here as []. [!-- macro Measure 20 cm --] Then you run htmlmacros.exe and it expands those comments to boilerplate that looks like this: [!-- macro JDisplay Measure 20 cm --] [!-- generated --] [span class="metric"]20 cm[/span] [span class="imperial"](7.87 in)[/span] [!-- /generated by Measure --] and renders colourised for your viewers like this: 20 cm (7.87 in) Some of the 100 odd Macros that already exist include: Age Calculate Age of something in years/months/days AllPosters affiliate link to Amazon link to non-book product at Amazon Art link to poster Audio link to audio file BestBrowsers describe recommended browsers Book links to sell a book at various bookstores CurrCon show currency in multiple countries DailySpecial random link to take a change page on the website changed daily. Degrees show both Fahrenheit/Celsius Dim metric/English width x height DVD link to DVD stores FileSize insert the current size of a local file Foot footer with google and public service ads. Head generic header, there are also many special purpose variants. Image display an png, jpg, gif RSS generate RSS feeds in HTML and XML Include include boilerplate, possibly containing embedded macros J2EE macro: link to Sun's J2EE docs JDisplay display pretty colourised code listing ...Requirements: Java 1.6+

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