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Phex is a free file sharing program running on the Gnutella Network. Additionally to plain worldwide searching, downloading and sharing files, it enables you to * create private networks * distribute files decentrally * send your file-list to your friends Phex is written in Java, so it runs on Windows, MacOSX and GNU/Linux, as well as on every other plattform which supports a Java VM. It is free software and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Multi-source downloads (Swarming). Often the file you like to download is available on different hosts. Phex will request different segment of the file from each host in parallel. After successfully downloading a segment Phex will merge it with the other segments of the file. This results in a much higher download speed. If a host is too slow the segment is split during download and given to an another host. To make sure you never run out of hosts Phex is able to find new download hosts by itself with the automatic search functionality. Download resuming across different hosts. If you download host is lost Phex is able to resume your download from a different host that offers the same file. You are able to add download candidates from search results, but thanks to the automatic search functionality Phex is even able to find new download hosts by itself. Automatic search functionality to find new download candidates. Phex offers a research functionlity that will find new download candidates automaticly for you. You can even specify the search terms used for research. Phex will look for files that match the file hash or the search terms and the file size of the download. Combined with the resume download feature across hosts and the multi-source download Phex offers you a very powerfull download engine. Phex is also able to constantly snoop traffic that goes through the network to look passively for new download candidates. Advanced configuration options. Phex offers very advanced configuration options. Much more then many other clients can offer. Especially advanced user can configure Phex according to there needs and are able to tune and see the effect of different settings. Passive searching and snooping for files. With the passive search functionality Phex is able to constantly monitor the traffic that goes through the network and collect search results that match your passive search term. Also Phex snoops the traffic for new download candidates you need to finish your downloads faster. This type of searching is usefull for longtime monitoring of available files on the network.Release notes: New ReleaseTE CORE: Improved bootstrap process to ensure faster connection.TE CORE: Upgrade leafs without search activity to ultrapeers in case they are expected to be valuable.TE CORE: In case Phex appears to be offline it will attempt to reconnect every two minutes.TE FIXED: Upload queuing bug causing to many parallel uploads.TE FIXED: Problems with large files.TE FIXED: Minor UI rendering errors. [ Phex full changelog ]

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