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Audacity for Linux 2.0.3
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Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to: * Record live audio. * Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs. * Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files. * Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together. * Change the speed or pitch of a recording. About Free Software Audacity is free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Free software is not just free of cost (like "free beer"). It is free as in freedom (like "free speech"). Free software gives you the freedom to use a program, study how it works, improve it and share it with others. For more information, visit the Free Software Foundation. Programs like Audacity are also called open source software, because their source code is available for anyone to study or use. There are thousands of other free and open source programs, including the Firefox web browser, the office suite and entire Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu. We welcome donations to support Audacity development. Ohloh has statistics on the value of Audacity development. The Ohloh "badge" at the bottom of each page on this site shows updated summary values. We set up the Ohloh pages about Audacity so the statistics show only the values of Audacity-specific development, excluding the third-party code libraries Audacity uses. Bundling, Reselling or Distributing Audacity Vendors are free to bundle Audacity with their products, or to sell or distribute copies of Audacity (see Vendors and Distributors of Audacity) under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you are interested in bundling, selling or distributing Audacity, please review our entire License, and Advice for Vendors and Distributors page. Features of Audacity 2.0: * Many effects significantly improved, especially Equalization, Noise Removal and Normalize. Vocal Remover now included plus GVerb on Windows and Mac. VAMP analysis plug-ins now supported. * Improved label tracks with Sync-Lock Tracks feature in the Tracks Menu. Multiple clips per track. Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using the keyboard. Many more keyboard shortcuts. * New Device Toolbar to manage inputs and outputs. Timer Record feature. New Mixer Board view with per-track VU meters. * Automatic Crash Recovery in the event of abnormal program termination. * Fast "On-Demand" import of WAV/AIFF files if read directly from source. FLAC now fully supported. Added support for optional FFmpeg library for import/export of AC3/M4A/WMA and import of audio from video files. Interface * Selection Toolbar: a value for the previous whole second displayed if the value was close to a whole second. * Finding zero crossings could cause the selection to expand into white space at either side of the clip. * Clips did not drag to another track if mouse was over a selection. * Mixer Board: Rendering four tracks resulted in a redundant Track Strip followed by a crash. Imports, Exports and Files * Exporting to WAV or AIFF led to a "Libsndfile says" error or corrupted output due to order of metadata in imported files. * (Mac) Fixed crashes importing MP3 files on PPC machines. * (Linux Ubuntu) .Aup files could not be associated with Audacity (they opened in the web browser instead). Effects and Analysis * Normalize: Fixed issues where normalization could be to wrong value if applied with DC offset correction, or if applied to "read-directly" WAV and AIFF files before On-Demand completed. * Sliding Time Scale: fixed an audible discontinuity at the beginning of the processed selection; fixed a serious quality problem on Linux 64-bit. Other miscellaneous bug fixes * including fix to prevent zooming with mouse wheel or ball scrolling the content off-screen.Release notes: New ReleaseBug fixes for:TE Crash using Undo whilst time-shifting a track.TE Crash using Repair if the selection extended into an empty track.TE Export Multiple didn't prevent export if there was no audio or all audio was muted. This allowed export of small invalid files.Time Track:TE Loop Play of a speeded-up track inserted silence.TE Playback and rendering was significantly inaccurate, creatingTE audible and visual glitches.Accessibility:TE The mnemonics character "&" was read out by screen readers in most of the Preferences choices.TE NVDA did not read static text in most dialogs. Text can now be read by using INSERT + B.TE JAWS and Window-eyes misread the "Duration" control in Silence Generator.TE Toolbar buttons could not be pressed by ENTERTE Other interface bug fixes. [ Audacity for Linux full changelog ] Note: Download That periodically updates software info, pricing of Audacity for Linux from the developer. Please confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft and impact the entire global economy. Distribution of Audacity for Linux cracked software is generally an illegal act of copyright infringement. Using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal. We donot support crack software licensing and distribute these releases of Audacity for Linux.

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