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There is a kangaroo theme to this software. The user can synthesize sound effects and music effectively from scratch using this program. Musical pitches are constructed using a system of frequency ratios, rather than the conventional equal-temperament notation. MIDI pitch numbers can be used to specify a base note from which other notes are relative to. The user interface uses a system of cells or boxes, which are placed using drag and drop, and that have associated properties which describe various characteristics of the instrument/sound/chord group etc. Kangas Sound Editor is a small software to create music and sound effects. The Kangas Sound Editor allows sound effects and music to be created, but without requiring great knowledge of these subjects - in fact music in this program is created without the use of conventional music notation at all. If you are not too impatient a user and have a willingness to experiment, then you are likely to get great results with the Kangas Sound Editor. You can find the detailed installation instructions here.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Precision of numbers displayed and input-able with Graphs, Anti-harmonic Bases and Variations has been increased from 3 to 6 decimal places, precision of Harmonic/Anti-harmonic factors has been increased from 3 to 8 decimal places.TE A new display-only column 'Frequency Multiple' and an additional validation check on save have been introduced to Anti-harmonic Bases.TE Graphs, Harmonics, Anti-harmonics, Anti-harmonic Bases and Variations have a new color scheme, and their finder dialogs have a new slider control 'Axis detail level'.TE Axis labels now have a grey, semi-transparent background to improve their readability whilst not totally obscuring the data.TE Rendering of Anti-harmonic and Anti-harmonic Bases has been improved.TE A bug in the XML import of 'Keep intermediate file' flags has been fixed.TE A bug relating to the input/validation of columns 'Initial interval' for Variations has been fixed. [ Kangas Sound Editor for Linux full changelog ]

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