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Featherweight body, complete function, senseless consumption, JsonFlow represents the highest level of cloud traffic analysis tool.

1) JsonFlow is suitable for VM, Docker, X86 server, PC; It works at the operating system layer, regardless of the user's business type and network architecture;
2) JsonFlow can be deployed as a host AGENT program; or independently deployed to receive network traffic from SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN; It can automatically analyzes VXLAN / GRE protocol traffic;
3) JsonFlow can analyze TCP/UDP/HTTP/SQL sessions and associated process information in real time, output 20 KPIs+10 latency and URL/SQL and process name/CPU/MEM by JSON;
4) These JSON data can be stored locally for playback or query, more importantly, it can sent to the remote data collector (such as KAFKA, logstash...)in real time, ES can directly use these data without any development;
5) JsonFlow can capture packets to local PCAP files by FIFO, and playback PCAP or forward packets (in real time) to remote address by VXLAN;
6) JsonFlow provides RESTful API;
7) It can be combined with VPM Cloud Traffic Monitoring or user's big data platform to realize real-time online monitoring of abnormal traffic and performance;
8) JsonFlow is a pure C program, whether the Linux or Windows version of JsonFlow, there is no need to install the dependent environment.

The most important premise above is that when you deploy JsonFlow, you don't need to worry about t's resource consumption and impact on other applications, because it only occupies 50MB of memory, and even at 500Mbps, it only occupies 8% in only one vCPU.

Therefore, we believe JsonFlow may be the best partner for cloud traffic visualization, It represents the highest level of cloud traffic capture, analysis, distribution, and backtracking.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $76.50 USD
  • Size: 916.0 KB
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