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What myths are about document management software (like DocumentLite)? The first myth. The popular belief that system of document management software is a software product which can be got from the developer or the supplier. In real it is a document management software for which management as tools applied program decisions are used as the system of document circulation is created and improved at the enterprise. The second myth. A lot of organizations when get expensive program complex consider that this by itself will allow to create effective system of document management software in the enterprise. However we should remind that the software product which will be used as document management program is got from the supplier. Differently, the document circulation system should be created at the enterprise proceeding from requirements of business and business of processes instead of to be a consequence of functionality put in a program complex. Nevertheless, in expensive and universal program complexes possibilities which can be used in the future can be initially put. The third myth. It is that the more expensive system the better it will solve business problems. While choice of program decision economic validity of expenses should be put in the first place. To put up money in the system which most part of functions will not be used is a dispersion of money. The fourth myth. Search of universal document management programs (like DocumentLite) which will allow to automate any document circulation at level of options is unpromising. Universal program complexes doesnOCOt happen. The fifth myth. Often, to choose system customers carefully analyze all market of suppliers. Actually, productively to analyze all offers which are available in the market is simply impossible. At the supplierOCOs choice (for example DocumentLite) it is better to be guided on several manufacturers who have successful experience of introduction of such systems.Requirements: Apache, PHP 4x-5x, MySQL

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