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Firefox Add-On for easy access to Planio. Planio is the perfect foundation to help you plan and run your projects online. Major features provided are: a ticket system with time-tracking, collaborative file management, wikis and forums, a news system, milestones and automatically-generated gantt charts and roadmaps. File synchronization Collaboratively working on documents can be challenging. With our central documents page and the integrated repository for version control, file sharing has been significantly simplified. Task assignment Sophisticated role based access control grants user with the appropriate permissions. Tasks can be assigned to individual participants and combined with milestones making tracking the project's status a piece of cake. Communication Efficient project management requires structured discussions and fast decisions. Our news systems, forum and comments features enable a smooth exchange of information, anywhere and anytime. Knowledge management Wikis and full-text search make it easy to collect and present knowledge in a structured way, ensuring experience and expertise are easily accessible to all team members and encouraging the retention of organizational intellectual property.Requirements: Mozilla Firefox 3.x - 5.x

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