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ItOCOs not a secret that it is often possible to meet the situation when office workers fussy run on office and ask about the same question: TzWhere has the second sock got to?T¬ The role of "a sock" the important faxes, invoices act, contracts, etc. can play. Losses as a result of such irresponsibility are great - the made costs, the missed profit, the impaired reputation. The decision of all these problems is introduction of corporate information systems which basic kernel is workflow document management software. For today in the market there are a lot of systems of document workflow management software. Expensive and cheap ones, big and small, effective and not effective ones. To choose something among them is not a simple problem. Nevertheless, the choice always can be made. The basic criteria of the choice: - The system adaptation under needs of the Russian workflow document management software; - SystemOCOs scalability under organizational changes; - The possibility of the further support of workflow document management software and a condition of its updating by the developer. The workflow document management software DocumentLite gives variety of possibilities for modern organizations - both small and average business. The document workflow management software is enough simple in work, doesnOCOt demand big program and technical resources, simultaneously serves as a powerful resource of optimization of organizational document workflow. The system consists of three mainframes: Tzthe list of documentsT¬ (reflects all workflow in the organization), Tzto create the documentT¬, TzmiscellaneousT¬ (the appearance adjustment, the delayed documents, search, etc.). To start to work in system it is necessary to create the document, to appoint its controller and the executor and to expect performance. In the block Tzlists of documentsT¬ you and your employees (depending on function) will see all process of document workflow under the given document.Requirements: Apache, PHP 4x-5x, MySQL

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