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Pure Java Type 4 Word JDBC(4.2, 4.3) driver packages for MS Word document, which supports embedded mode, client/server mode, remote access mode, memory-only database, compressed database, SAMBA database, and url database(http, https, ftp). MS Word objects(paragraph, table, header, footer, comment, picture, hyperlinks, bookmark, and so on) can be accessed through simple SQL. It supports embedded mode and remote access mode. It supports ANSI SQL 92 standard, more than 230 sql functions, XOPEN SQLState, RMI, Jini, JNDI, and serialization. It supports { UNION | INTERSECT | EXCEPT | MINUS } [ ALL ] query , INNER JOIN, FULL JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, NATURAL JOIN,CROSS JOIN, self join, GROUP_CONCAT, GROUPING, WITH ROLLUP, WITH CUBE, multiple-row VALUES table, PIVOT table, UNPIVOT table, and subquery which includes single-row subquery, multirow subquery, multiple-column subquery, inline views, and correlated subquery. The drivers are completely written in Java and can be deployed on any platform with Java VM, which includes Microsoft Windows, Novell Netware, Apple Mac OS, Solaris, OS2, UNIX, and LINUX. It supports JDK1.8.X, Java 9, Java 10, and Java 11. For remote access mode, it provides a GUI database server manager with remote control capability, which can run as Windows service, Unix/Linux daemon, or standalone application. It supports seamlessly files and directories in ZIP, BZ2, and TAR files((.ZIP, .JAR, .GZ, .TAR, .BZ2, .TGZ, .TAR.GZ, .TAR.BZ2) in jdbc url and sql.

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