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MaxDIR makes all of this simple with one easy command. DI.EXE. MaxDIR shows you a directory of files, alphabetized and colored by file type, and in 4 columns, which utilizes the entire screen to show you up to 200 file at a time. Since you'll know what the color is for each file type, and you'll know they are alphabet ized, you can look at a directory listing and instantly find what you are looking for. Also, MaxDIR shows each file's size, which makes it even more useful. MaxDIR shows you Bytes Free on the disk, the Disk Type, the space used by the files listed, and, it shows how much of your disk the files actually used, by looking at "Cluster" sizes and then calculating the actual space "consumed" by each file, which it totals for you at the bottom of the listing. MaxDIR shows you how many files there are, how many directories there are, and the percentage full of the disk, along with the other standard information. It also allows you to tailor the listing to your tastes by using Command switches. For instance, if you don't want color, just type di /c and press Enter. To get a listing of all available command switches, type di /?. The rest is simple.Release notes: New Release1) Added ability to set default number of columns in MaxDIR Config.2) Added background color checking. MaxDIR now displays data using your current custom background color. DOS can only have 8 background colors. If you are using Windows, then MaxDIR will use the nearest DOS compatible color selected by Windows..3) Backward compatibility with custom configurations upwards from v2.26.4) Removed cursor code from MaxDIR for better compatibility. [ MaxDIR full changelog ]

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