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Dynamic bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs (.FLA Flash Source Code) Internet enabled graph software Graph software component to be inserted within HTML code using any dynamic language, this dynamic graphs are flash based. Source code samples on how to implement bar graphs and pie graphs, are included in the package. Download a free demo version of Power-Graphs. Power-Graphs graph software is a great option to make graphs online, creating graphs from asp php .NET perl or any other programming language with html output. This bar graph software can be used in any internet or intranet application that needs the use of comprehensive graphics in order to display information using bar graphs, pie graphs, and line graphs. Multiple graph layers can be set for comparison, colors are easily customizable. This graph software tool can be used in a wide range of applications. Add value to a data processing application, if you have an internet or intranet application that process series of numbers, use this graph software to display assorted data in line graphs, bar graphs and pie graphs with multiple layer feature for comparison. Layers transparency allows to see several series in a bar graph. If you think you can make Power-Graphs better then source code in Flash is also available, in order to give you the tools for creating a new and improved version which is only in your mind. ASP source code is provided in order to implement a bar graph calling just one line of code. This is how a line of code for drawing a bar graph looks like: call DrawChart(gW, gH, gLayers, gValuesCount, gMaxVal, gMinVal, gTypes, gValuesY, gValuesX, gLegends, gFirstColor) Graphs are the best way to display information related to business or any other field that require the use of number series analysis. This graph software tool will give you the ability of inserting bar graphs, line graphs and pie graphs within html code, can be inserted in almost any internet enabled application processing data series.

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