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MacPOSX provides the ability to use your Macintosh at the point-of-sale in your business. It doesn't matter where that point-of-sale may be. It could be your PowerBook at a trade show, a PowerMac in the office or an iMac at home. Or you can use MacPOSX to replace your traditional cash register and move up to a whole new level in retail point-of-sale automation for your business. There are three versions available, Standard, Pro, and MultiUser. We have two versions of the trial available for download. One is setup to use with a TouchScreen style interface. The other is better suited for mail order and wholesale businesses with a conventional sales entry screen. Each one includes three layout styles from which you can select and try out. The MacPOSX trial comes with a sample database already created so that you can quickly test out the Point-of-Sale interface and its many features. You can also add your own information to the database. The trial version has only a few limitations not found in the production version. .

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