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YlangSMS is a software for sending bulk SMS for businesses.

Rates based on volume purchased to 9.75 euro cents per SMS.

Buying a credit:
<2000 SMS: 15 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
2000 to 4999 SMS: 13.5 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
SMS 5000 to 5999: 12.75 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
6000 to 6999 SMS: 12 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
SMS 7000 to 7999: 11.25 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
8000 to 49.999 SMS: 10.5 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
50,000 and over SMS: 9.75 euro cents / SMS (Paypal)
More information on buying in volume on [email protected]/* */

Very easy to use software allows you within minutes of sending your first message.

Its interface consists of several tabs: Contacts, SMS Compose, Outbox, Activity Report, Confirmation of reading.

+ Contact Management
This interface allows you to manage your contacts: adding, editing and deleting. In addition to the normal fields (company, name ..) you have 3 fields at the bottom that let you organize your contacts. You can use them as you want, for example here in the first field: CLIENT / SUPPLIER, the second: The region (NORTH, SOUTH ..), the third: the anniversary date format day-month.

This will allow you to compose your message be sent to your entire file, or send very targeted manner: Southern customers, who have a birthday party today. Adapted to an association that may be members of the South who are not current with their dues. There are thousands of possibilities.

+ Compose SMS
After completing the target of the message fields and seized its contents, you will see the messages that will be shipped as they appear on your mobile contacts.

For example: - Miss Emily HOAREAU, we wish you a very happy birthday! Gift: 1 bag upon presentation of this SMS. 0102030405.

At the beginning of a text message, 151C, 1 SM...

  • Platforms:
    Macintosh, Mac OS X

  • License: Freeware
  • Cost: $0.00 USD
  • Size: 3.4 MB
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