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Windows Phone 7 is an increasingly popular mobile operating system that its current competitors, Android and iOS, will have to reckon with. As more and more developers start working on applications for Windows Phone 7, they face new development challenges, once of them being that of creating application bar icons that are in full compliance with Windows Phone 7 standards. A valid WP7 icon must be 48x48 pixels with the actual content placed inside a 26x26 pixels area in the very center of the icon. Since application bar icons can be used with any Windows Phone 7 theme, they must have a transparent background. Which is more, the actual graphic must be drawn in white. If you are on a tight schedule and need quite a few icons for one or several of your WP7 applications, Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 will help you save a good deal of time. Windows Phone 7 icons is a collection of professionally designed application icons meeting all of the requirements of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Icons have the right size, the right color, their content areas are perfectly centered and they are all 100% ready to be used in your applications. This collection contains 711 unique interface icons (in the PNG format) drawn in the same style to cover as many topics as possible, including data processing, users, playback, browsing, emotions, file management, the Internet, people, transportation, communications and many more. The collection is big enough to help you pick the right icons for any of your applications, be it an entertainment app or a serious financial tool. As a Windows Phone 7 developer creating applications for an emerging market, you should be primarily interested in quality, as it can and will help you stand out of the crowd of competitors, so if you don't think you are a great designer, go for Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 and rest assured your apps will look perfect! Get it: homepage

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